Bookish Resolutions: 2015

Before I get started, a slight recap of last years resolutions. I didn’t do well on my Dean Koontz challenge, again. I was supposed to read at least five of his books, and I believe I managed to read none. So. I think that means I’m done forcing myself to do that, since it isn’t working.


But as far as the amount of books I set myself up for, I wanted to read 50. I read 69 (heh). Not only is that pretty darn good, but it’s the most books I’ve ever read in a year. I’m not going to try to top that or anything, but I am proud of it.


Now onto the new goals!


  1. Read 50 books. Like I always attempt to do. I find having this as a goal keeps me motivated to read, so I like having it there as incentive.
  2. Finish the rest of Stephen King’s bibliography. As you can see me address here. This is one of those things where if I even get close, I’ll be pleased.
  3. Finish/continue more series. I did well last year with finishing series I had started, and I want to keep that up. Any of the series that hooked me in enough to want to read more, I am determined to do so.
  4. Catch up on reviews. I’m very behind. Very. But I don’t want to be, so I’m going to attempt to catch up. We shall see.
  5. Read more long books. Short books have an element of instant gratification to them. They make you feel accomplished quickly. Long books are a commitment, both to persevere even when you feel like you’re getting nowhere in your 50 book challenge AND to endure a book that you hope is good but may not be. And when a book is bad and long? It can seem so much worse simply from the page count. But I’m determined to get over that and pick up more long books. And what is long to me? At least 500+ pages. 500 still isn’t that long in my mind, but if I can surpass that as much as possible, I’ll feel better.


There you go. This isn’t anything I’m going to beat myself up over. These are just things I have on my mind, ways that I want my reading to grow. Wish me luck!