Book Review: The Resort by Bentley Little

The Resort - Bentley Little

The Basics


The Thurmans decide to take a vacation, and what better place to spend it than a five star resort? The Reata has fantastic reviews, lots of activities, and reasonable rates in the off season. Then the inconveniences and the disturbances start to pile up, until it’s clear the Reata has a mind of its own.


My Thoughts


Sometimes you read a book because you want a good, gory time. I picked this out as part of my October reads because I had a feeling Little wouldn’t let me down on that score. I have a good track record with his books, and he always brings the most disturbing things he can to the table. This book went above and beyond. It was one weird, creepy, nasty set piece after another, and being in the perfect mood for it, I reveled in it. The spider scenes (you’ll know when you read it) especially got under my skin, as I have an innate fear of spiders. While I know that sort of thing, an author finding that spot inside you that makes you shudder and shriek, would make other readers turn away, it thrilled me to find a book that unnerved me on that level. That made me squirm as I read it and jump when he delivered the punch.


So that means I’m speaking to those horror fans. The ones that read horror because it thrills and chills and all those old movie poster highlights. The ones that declare, “oh, that’s so fucked up!” And then read on with glee. This book is for you. If you don’t read horror but you see this book and say, “oh, this sounds interesting…” Put it down. Back away. This isn’t for you. Readers who find gritty, down-and-dirty horror to be “disgusting” and “offensive” need not apply.


I’d like to bring up the fact that in so many cases like these, the splatterpunk stories and their love of nastiness, the characters feel cardboard and slim and like they might blow away in a stiff breeze. Little actually goes to the trouble of making you worry about the Thurmans, and the squirming grows exponentially due to this. It’s effective, and in my mind it’s what horror should be. Why would it scare you unless you were concerned about the victims? Little tends to agree, and we spend a lot of time in these character’s heads. Thankfully.


The escalation of the events in this book grows to epic proportions. Little has a tendency to do that, to take his books places that get absolutely and delightfully ridiculous, and part of the delight comes in knowing few authors would take these chances and get these wacky, awesome results. All around, this was an entertaining read that I sped through, and it made my Halloween that much more festive.


Final Rating