Goals for 2014: Book Resolutions

Okay, so it’s nearly that time. Let’s talk about what I want to accomplish in 2014 with my reading goals.


Firstly, I’d like to point out that I read 51 books in 2013. Unless I can squeeze one more in there before the years ends, that’s where I stand. Which is good, because my goal was to read 50 books. Even with the extreme amounts of drama I faced this year, especially over the last two months, I achieved my goal, and I have to say I’m proud of that.


That said, next year I will be trying for 50 again. I really, really want it, I do, but there is more drama coming my way. I may be moving, and I might get an internship and blahty blah. But I really do want to try, as it’s a personal goal I’ve met and exceeded the last two years, and I don’t want to break my streak. Otherwise, my excessive book collection might start to seem like a joke.


Another goal of mine is to really work on book series. I’m so bad at keeping up with them, and I want that to change. Expect a post coming up where I’ll be keeping track of all the series I own and what I need to read in order to complete them. This is a semi-casual challenge, one I won’t beat myself up over, but I do want to try some of these longer, more epic stories more often.


Last year, I tried to create my own little Dean Koontz challenge. This came about because I have a lot of his books that I collected when I was younger, and I’m being weird about holding onto them even though I’m not reading them. The idea was to read at least five of his books and judge from there whether I wanted to continue reading his work. I read one. That was a failure. So let’s try that again, shall we? I may make a separate post for that, but either way, this is a thing that’s happening.


In general I’d like to do less buying and more reading. That’s hard for me, because I consider collecting part of the fun. And money isn’t the issue, because I always make a point of buying cheaply. Space is the issue. Maybe if I get moved where I think I’m going (vagueness, ahoy, I know) I can spread out a little more, but it’s such an unknown, I’d rather just slow down on my buying for now.


And the note to end on, this blog was one of my resolutions last year. I wanted to start reviewing the books I read and talking about books in an open forum. This was mainly because I felt I had things to say but was too afraid to say them. I wanted to overcome that fear, and I did. Keeping up this blog is, of course, another part of my bookish life in 2014, and I want to thank everyone who followed me, liked my stuff, reblogged, and made me feel awesome.