Better than Sex: Confessions of a Political Junkie

Better Than Sex: Confessions of a Political Junkie - Hunter S. Thompson

The Basics


A non-fiction (well mostly) account of the 1992 presidential election. With emphasis on Thompson’s perspective.


My Thoughts


I’m not a politically-minded person. I know no one likes to hear that, and I don’t like saying it, but I’ve never really understood having an obsession with politics. Even Thompson, in this book, bemoans the fact that it’s an addiction he’d like to kick. Really it’s because it’s depressing, and I think Thompson got to the root of another reason why politics doesn’t sit well with me: the illusion of control. In so many words, he says that, and I realize that’s some paranoid fodder right there, especially when you take the fact that Hunter said it into account. But it feels true to me.


That’s why this book appealed to me. A big part of it anyway. Because I feel like it got to the root of why the subject kind of unnerves me. Also, it was hilarious and very readable. And even the portions where you find yourself asking, “could it have really happened that way?”, and then answer yourself with, “probably not”, it’s so entertaining. Maybe Clinton didn’t howl like a mad beast right before shoving his face into a basket of fries like a starving dog. It still creates a mental image I’ll never unsee, and that’s very funny to me.


It’s full of faxes and letters he sent to politicians and celebrities and friends that are all exactly what you’d expect from him. I giggled a lot. If you want a 100% accurate portrait of events as they transpired at that time, read a history book. If you want Thompson’s unique stamp (and if you have a fun bone in your body, you do), then read this.


Final Rating