Captain America: Winter Soldier Volume 1


The Basics

Red Skull, Captain America’s most notorious foe, is found murdered by a sniper. Through a flurry of flashbacks, Steve Rogers has to find out who is seemingly targeting him and why.

My Thoughts

This book had a flaw for me that couldn’t be avoided: I know who the Winter Soldier is. When you get into comic book culture, an osmosis takes place wherein you’re spoiled richly for things you haven’t even read yet. The magic of this story is clearly in discovering that the impossible has happened, by sharing the look that Cap wears when he discovers it. So as the story meanders its way there (and I imagine it wouldn’t feel like meandering if I didn’t know what was coming), it felt somewhat slow and “get it on with it” to me.

That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy delving into Cap’s history and seeing him faced with these memories, experiencing them as a reader for the first time. That’s also not to say that seeing how taken aback Cap is at the reveal didn’t have an impact. It did. It’s one of those moments that makes you realize why the next movie is going the route that it is.

Can I recommend it? Sure. As a novice as far as Captain America’s source material is concerned, it was easy to follow and didn’t contain a lot of confusing reference to things that might bog the story down. One of its greatest strengths is that this story concerns itself very closely with Steve Rogers, his friends and history, and works really well for newcomers.

Final Rating