I can't keep quiet about this...

So the Blackout. I think it's the total opposite of making a statement that will be heard. Do you know what authors who complain about bad reviews and even attack those reviewers want? Your silence. They want you to shut up unless you're going to tell them how good they are. So it seems to me like you're just giving in to exactly what they wanted in the first place.


There is a vocal group of authors who enjoy when you're afraid to give that much deserved one star review. And I have no doubt that they're smirking now because of the scrambling fear we all feel in light of recent events. I think the best thing we can do is refuse to show fear and write reviews like we always have. Days on end of dead air doesn't affect anyone but us, the community. And if it does something for them, it probably gives them joy. I don't know about you, but I don't want them getting a kick out of the fact that they managed to shut me up.


I realize the Blackout is a statement, but it's a weak statement. And I'm not saying we should attack authors now, though I do find the ones who insist on being snarky rather irritating and I'm not hiding that fact. But what we can do is boycott the work of people who offend us in this way and be honest, when we read their work, about the quality of it. And keep doing it and keep doing it.


And why does this rile me? Why am I actually starting to feel kind of venomous about the idea of being forced into a media blackout? Because reviewers who have a different opinion about how this whole matter should be handled are being attacked by other reviewers. How's that for banding together? Can you not even see that we're all on the same side and being self-righteous a) doesn't help your supposedly selfless cause and b) is not going to convince anyone to side with you?


I am mad. I'm mad that so many people overlooked just how inappropriate Hale was being. I do think attention needs to be paid. But I have a friend, a fellow blogger, who was tense about posting today because she was worried about being harassed by other bloggers. I want you to think about that and consider if this shit is actually helping at all.