Book Review: Night's Sorceries by Tanith Lee

Night's Sorceries (Flat Earth Series) - Tanith Lee

The Basics


Night’s Sorceries serves as a companion novel to the previous volume in the series, Delirium’s Mistress. While the events of Azhriaz’s story are unfolding, she and the other players are inadvertently affecting the human lives that stray too close. These are their stories.


My Thoughts


At first I wasn’t sure how to feel about the fact that this story is not a continuation of the Tales of the Flat Earth so much as an expansion upon the last book. Yet like most of Lee’s books, it endears itself so quickly that I couldn’t be annoyed by that for long at all. Each of these tales has a different tone to it, some light and fluffy, others dark and cynical. Each one brings something fresh to the table.


One of my favorites was “Children of the Night”, wherein a young woman is betrothed to an evil lord. That sounds pretty straightforward, but the story is anything but. It has a decidedly Midsummer-Night’s-Dream feel to it, with a lot of whimsy and humor. In the same vein as that play, dark and powerful creatures are about their business, and humans get caught in the crossfire.


The hardest part of reviewing a book at the end of the series is my fear of spoiling someone into not wanting to read it at all. That would especially be a shame with a series as amazing as this one is. Having said that, in the spirit of not giving away too much about the ending, the last story, a substantially long one, does turn out to be a continuation. It’s beautifully done and as well crafted as I could hope. A wonderful note to end on, though I am hopeful that this won’t be the last we see of this series.


Final Rating