Comic Book Review: Sin City - The Big Fat Kill by Frank Miller

Sin City, Vol. 3: The Big Fat Kill - Frank Miller

The Basics

It all starts with Dwight playing the hero when Shellie's boyfriend, Jack, threatens her. And it ends in betrayal, insanity, and blood.

My Thoughts

That was pretty vague, but I'm aware that not everyone has read these comics or watched the movie adaptation, and this story relies a lot on unexpected turns. In fact, reading it after having seen the movie, it lacks something. Half the fun is in the suspense hanging until those reveals are made. If you know what's coming, the suspense seems almost annoying with the way it drags.

It also doesn't help that when I saw the film, while I loved it, Dwight's segment was my least favorite. I was a much bigger fan of Marv and Hartigan and remain so. Due to all these circumstances, this is my least favorite installment of the entire series. Strangely, I still deeply enjoyed reading The Hard Goodbye and That Yellow Bastard. This one just didn't capture me the way those stories did.

This was also the last of the series that I had to read in order to complete it, and I can see now that I held it off for a reason. I think part of me knew I wouldn't be entirely satisfied with it. It lacks the heart of the other stories and goes fully for mystery and unrelenting violence. Sin City always stood out to me as have a spot of romance or heroism amidst the ugliness, and there's very little of that here.

I can't say that watching the film first ruined this for me, but I wonder now how it would've been different. The movie is, panel for panel, the book. But it is worth the artwork, which is always a high point of Miller's work for me. It is still a good story, probably even more compelling for the uninitiated.

Final Rating